Immobilization of pollution in soil on the site of a former zinc industry

The Budel region in the Netherlands has traditionally been a zinc industry. One of the waste products from the production of zinc is the so-called zinc ash that was used in the years 50-60 as paving material for roads and shipyards throughout the southern Netherlands. PROBLEM: Zinc axles have been placed at various places on sandy roads with an open construction, as a result of which leaching of heavy metals to the deeper subsurface is still possible. This leaves the risk of further contamination of the groundwater and our liveability

PURPOSE: The method of immobilization and stabilization with hydraulic binders should ensure that dangerous metals no longer leach into deeper layers.

Solution: One of these methods is stabilization and immobilisation by the binder GeoCrete® The client wants to preserve the character of a (natural) sand road. A combination of GeoCrete®-IM and activated carbon has been used for immobilising.

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