Construction of transport routes and storage sites for new Habours and Industrial heavy loaded Pavement GeoCrete®

Equatorial Guinea is planned to enlarge the K5 oil center near the capital Malabo on the island of Bioko. The extension of the project area must be carried out by means of a land reclamation measure. To do this, the ocean sand must be flushed with hydraulic pumps in the dock area. The material used is ocean sand of volcanic origin. Due to the expected load, a GeoCrete ST stabilization is planned for the foundation layer. On the basis of empirical values, static deformation modules of 300 to 400 MN / m2 are expected after 28 days on the thus created load and frost protection layer.

Structurally stabilizing with GeoCrete® is an absolutely good solution to expand the application area with cement producers and also to reduce Co2 emissions and to deal more efficiently with concrete and asphalt. A good road has a social and economic function, making this innovative technology well suited to the objectives of governments and engineering firms.

GeoCrete® has a high elasticity modulus and increases compressive strength by neutralizing acids in the soil.

Constructive stabilization has the advantage that it can be counted on and the properties contribute to the entire structure. There is no need for excavation, less use of primary granules and a much lower CO2 emission resulting in lower costs for maintenance and repair.

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