Sustainable soil improvement soft clay instead of drainage storage and supply with GeoCrete®

 Transformation of 30,000 tons of Zeeklei present through cement-bound GeoCrete® Structural stabilization for the application of a bricks construction without supply and discharge of building materials.

In 2015, on the basis of the test at Yerseke in 2010, virtually the entire soil improvement of the St.  Sint Pieterspolder dike section was carried out with GeoCrete®. The soil improvement, carried out by the Liebregts contractor, was incorporated in the dyke improvement process. A predetermined prefabricated mixture was laid out on the dike, after which the material was cut through the clay (about half a meter deep) and finished. Immediately afterwards, the soil improvement was covered with the geotextile and a filter layer. In this way, more than 30,000 tons of soft clay was improved.


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