Immobilization of polluted soil Langen Germany

The application of GeoCrete® for immobilising soil with heavy pollution with different types of metals and oil.

A number of years ago a number of research programs for environmental technology were carried out on the industrial site of a solder factory in Langen.

During the remediation of the contaminated industrial sites, 6,592 tonnes of zinc contaminated soil were treated with GeoCrete®-IM and immobilized and then taken to a place for household waste. There, the immobilized material was used for recultivation of the waste deposition area.

When immobilising the soil contaminated with zinc, a total of 16,100 kg of GeoCrete®-IM01 was used. This corresponds to a mixing ratio of 2.5 kg GeoCrete®-IM01 per tonne of soil. The implementation of the decontamination measures was checked and approved by the environmental department of the local government agency in Darmstadt.

GeoCrete® promotes the immobilization of environmentally hazardous contaminants. This includes heavy metals as well as organic factors that can be permanently fixed in the newly formed crystal structures.

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