Reducing nuisance and maintenance costs of rural roads with GeoCrete® stabilization and sustainable accessibility

Rural roads:  Application of GeoCrete®  in structural stabilization for the construction of tourist cycle paths using the available soil. In Mierlo 2010 lowering maintenance costs and inconvenience

In the period 2010, the municipality of Mierlo needed the construction of access roads and cycle paths without, however, damaging the natural and existing environment. In the current state the paths are almost impassable in bad weather and in winter. Elderly and infirm are often not able to enjoy this nature even though it is close. No use may be made of non-urban (construction) substances.

GeoCrete® has a high elasticity modulus and increases compressive strength by neutralizing acids in the soil.

Constructive stabilization has the advantage that it can be counted on and the properties contribute to the entire structure. There is no need for excavation, less use of primary granules and a much lower CO2 emission resulting in lower costs for maintenance and repair.

Nuisance caused by the formation of holes and dusting is prevented and the maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

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